Lucy Gow

I recently completed my PhD under the supervision of Alex Molev at the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Sydney.
I'm currently living in Melbourne but can be contacted on the gmail address below.

Postal address: Miss Lucy Gow
School of Mathematics and Statistics F07
University of Sydney NSW 2006
Office: Room 812 Carslaw Building
Phone: +61 2 9351 5803
FAX: +61 2 9351 4534

Papers, etc.

My thesis: Yangians of Lie Superalgebras.

Lucy Gow, Gauss Decomposition of the Yangian Y(gl_m|n). Comm. Math. Phys. Volume 276, Number 3 / December, 2007. Available on SpringerLink:

Lucy Gow, On The Yangian Y(gl_m|n) and Its Quantum Berezinian, Czechoslovak Journal of Physics Volume 55 Issue 11 (Nov 2005) 1415-1420.

These are some notes I wrote for a seminar I gave at the ICE-EM Winter School at UQ in July 2006: Yangians of Lie (super)algebras.

Mathematical Interests

* Yangians of Lie algebras and Lie superalgebras;

* Quasideterminants;

* Mathematical physics.