Personal details

I was born on 29 Mar 1956 in Hungary. I have lived in Hungary until 1969, then mostly in Cuba until 1981, and from then on in Australia. I speak Hungarian, Spanish and English. - My wife Magnolia is (was) Cuban. We have two children, Paul (1986) and Alexander (1989).

I like walking, swimming and cycling, though I do not really like any sports. I like 'messing around' with electronics and machinery (mostly I fix my own TV set and car), though I hate getting my hands dirty. I like computer programming, but never play computer games.

I like food and drink: beef (medium-rare), fruits and sweets; I eat most other foods (including vegetables when I am forced to), but will never touch seafood. I like beer and some wines and liqueurs, but never drink spirits. I love strong coffee.

Paul Szabo 9 Dec 02