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Samba build and configuration

Join domain

(Domain admin accounts are as documented in Samba, see also comments in instructions or smb.conf files.)

On the Samba server, you need a "machine account" for each PC. They must have unique UIDs (i.e. lines in /etc/passwd); they do not need shadow (or C2, TCB) entries: add them with vipw, lines something like
  pflora$:Nologin:184:180:Samba machine:/:/bin/false
in /etc/passwd; then use the command  smbpasswd -a -m pflora .

You may then use the clickety interface. Log in as administrator, right-click My Computer > Properties > Network Identification > Properties; select Domain and type the name of the domain. When prompted, type your "domain admin" username and password.

If you use "image loading", you may automate this somewhat with sysprep. In the Sysprep.inf file, use lines like

UnattendMode = DefaultHide
;; Do not set username/password here (security risk!),
;; mini-setup will prompt: 
; DomainAdminPassword = PASSWORD-INSERTS-HERE
; This section header must be present for unattended installation of networks.

Paul Szabo 11 Apr 12