Modular generalized Springer correspondence III: exceptional groups

Pramod N. Achar, Anthony Henderson, Daniel Juteau, and Simon Riche


We complete the construction of the modular generalized Springer correspondence for an arbitrary connected reductive group, with a uniform proof of the disjointness of induction series that avoids the case-by-case arguments for classical groups used in previous papers in the series. We show that the induction series containing the trivial local system on the regular nilpotent orbit is determined by the Sylow subgroups of the Weyl group. Under some assumptions, we give an algorithm for determining the induction series associated to the minimal cuspidal datum with a given central character. We also provide tables and other information on the modular generalized Springer correspondence for quasi-simple groups of exceptional type, including a complete classification of cuspidal pairs in the case of good characteristic, and a full determination of the corrrespondence in type \(G_2\).

Keywords: Springer correspondence; nilpotent orbit; exceptional group.

AMS Subject Classification: Primary 17B08, 20G05; Secondary 14M15.

This paper is available as a pdf (728kB) file.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015