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Chapters in Books

B1. Dimca A and Lehrer GI (1997) Purity and equivariant weight polynomials, Algebraic Groups and Lie Groups. Australian Mathematical Society Lecture Series, 9, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, U.K., ISBN 0 521 58532 5, 161–181. MR99h:14023

B1. Gillespie T (1997) Mathematical Techniques, Risk Management and Financial Derivatives: A Guide to the Mathematics. LBC Information Services, Sydney, ISBN 0455215162, 717–778.

B1. Kruskal MD, Joshi N and Halburd RG (1997) Analytic and asymptotic methods for nonlinear singularity analysis: a Review and extensions of tests for the Painlevé property, Integrability and nonlinear systems. Lecture Notes in Physics, Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, 171–205. MR1636294

B1. Parusiński A (1997) A note on singularities at infinity of complex polynomials, Symplectic Singularities and Geometry of Gauge Fields. Banach Center Publications, 39, Institute of Mathematics, Polish Acadamy of Sciences, Warszawa, 131–141. MR1458655

Journal Articles

C1. Anh V, Lunney K and Peiris MS (1997) Stochastic models for characterisation and prediction of time series with long-range dependence and fractality. Environmental Modelling and Software, 12(1), 67–73.

C1. Bäcker A and Dullin HR (1997) Symbolic dynamics and periodic orbits for the cardioid billiard. J. Phys. A, 30, 1991–2020.

C1. Balasuriya S (1997) Vanishing viscosity in the barotropic beta-plane. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 214, 128–150. MR1645523

C1. Bell J, Mattick RP, Hay A, Chan JSK and Hall W (1997) Methadone maintenance and drug-related crime. Journal of Substance Abuse, 9, 15–25.

C1. Bennett MR, Farnell L, Gibson WG and Lavidis NA (1997) Synaptic transmission at visualized sympathetic boutons: stochastic interaction between acetylcholine and its receptors. Biophysical Journal, 72, 1595–1606.

C1. Bennett MR, Gibson WG and Robinson J (1997) Probabilistic secretion of quanta and the synaptosecretosome hypothesis: evoked release at active zones of varicosities, boutons and endplates. Biophysical Journal, 73, 1815–1829.

C1. Bernad J, Gonzales S, Martinez C and Iltyakov AV (1997) On identities of baric algebras and superalgebras. Journal of Algebra, 197, 385–408. MR99a:17034

C1. Bolsinov AV and Dullin HR (1997) On the Euler case in rigid body dynamics and the Jacobi problem (Russian). Regular and Chaotic Dynamics, 2(1), 13–25.

C1. Bosma W, Cannon JJ and Playoust CE (1997) The magma algebra system I: the user language. Journal of Symbolic Computation, 24(3/4), 235–265. MR1484478

C1. Bosma W, Cannon JJ and Steel A (1997) Lattices of compatibility embedded finite fields. Journal of Symbolic Computation, 24(3/4), 351–369. MR99a:11143

C1. Broutman D, Macaskill C and McIntyre E (1997) On Doppler-spreading models of internal waves. Geophysical Research Letters, 24(22), 2813–2816.

C1. Buchen PW and Ben Hador R (1997) Perturbation formulas for linear dispersive waves in weak spatially non-uniform media. Wave Motion, 26(2), 187–197. MR1471201

C1. Buchen PW and Hador RB (1997) Perturbation formulas for linear dispersive waves in spatially non-uniformed media. Wave Motion, 26, 187–197.

C1. Cannon JJ, Cox BC and Holt DF (1997) Computing Sylow subgroups in permutation groups. Journal of Symbolic Computation, 24(3/4), 303–316. MR98m:20010

C1. Cannon JJ and Holt DF (1997) Computing chief series, composition series and socles in large permutation groups. Journal of Symbolic Computation, 24(3/4), 285–301. MR98m:20009

C1. Cannon JJ and Playoust CE (1997) Using the magma computer algebra system in abstract algebra courses. Journal of Symbolic Computation, 23(5/6), 459–484.

C1. Carboni A, Janelidze G, Kelly GM and Paré R (1997) On localization and stabilization for factorization systems. Applied Categorical Structures, 5, 1–58. MR98k:18001

C1. Chan JSK and Kuk AYC (1997) Maximum likelihood estimation for probit-linear mixed models with correlated random effects. Biometrics, 53, 86–97. MR1450182

C1. Chan JSK, Kuk AYC and Bell J (1997) A Likelihood approach to analysing longitudinal bivariate binary data.. Biometrical Journal, 39(4), 409–421.

C1. Chiu SN and Quine MP (1997) Central limit theory for growth models in \(\mathbb{R}^d\) with inhomogeneous arrivals. Annals of Applied Probability, 7, 802–814. MR98j:60067

C1. Cobb RJ and Hillman JA (1997) \(S^2\) bundles over aspherical closed surfaces are geometric. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 125, 3415–3422. MR98d:57021

C1. Cosgrove CM (1997) Painlevé classification problems featuring essential singularities. Studies in Applied Mathematics, 98, 355–433. MR98b:34011

C1. Dancer EN (1997) Some singularly perturbed problems on annuli and a counterexample to a problem of Gidas, Ni and Nirenberg. The Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society, 29, 322–326. MR97m:35016

C1. Dancer EN (1997) Competing species systems with diffusion and large interactions. Rendiconti del Seminario Matematico e Fisico di Milano, 65, 23–33.

C1. Dancer EN and Daners D (1997) Domain perturbation for elliptic equations subject to Robin boundary conditions. Journal of Differential Equations, 138, 86–132. MR98e:35017

C1. Dancer EN and Du Y (1997) A note on multiple solutions of some semilinear elliptic problems. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 211, 626–640. MR98g:35075

C1. Dancer EN and Hirano N (1997) Existence of stable and unstable periodic solutions for semilinear parabolic problems. Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems, 3(2), 207–216. MR97j:35077

C1. Dancer EN and Wei J (1997) On the profile of solutions with two sharp layers to a singularly perturbed semilinear Dirichlet problem. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 127A, 691–701. MR98i:35012

C1. Daners D (1997) Periodic-parabolic eigenvalue problems with indefinite weight functions. Archiv der Mathematik (Basel), 68, 388–397. MR1441637

C1. Digne F, Lehrer GI and Michel J (1997) On Gel'fand-Graev characters of reductive groups with disconnected centre. Journal für die Reine und Angewandte Mathematik, 491, 131–147. MR98i:20015

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C1. Hillman JA (1997) On \(L^2\)-homology and asphericity. Israel Journal of Mathematics, 99, 271–283. MR98f:57035

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C1. Joarder AH (1997) On the characteristic function of the multivariate Pearson type II distribution. Journal of Information and Optimization Sciences, 18, 177–182. MR98b:60032

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C4. Gastineau-Hills HM (1997) Bach and numerology: 'valid mathemtical stuff'? Literature and Aesthetics, 000, 000–000.

Conference Proceedings

E1. Abraham B, Thavaneswaran A and Peiris MS (1997) On the prediction scheme for some nonlinear time series models using estimating functions. Symposium on Estimating Functions, Selected Proceedings of the Symposium on Estimating Functions, Ishwar V. Basawa, V.P. Godambe and Robert Taylor (ed.) , Lecture Notes - Monograph Series, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, 259–271.

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E1. Katis P, Sabadini N and Walters RFC (1997) Representing place/transition nets in Span(Graph). AMAST '97, Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology, Michael Johnson (ed.) , Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, ISBN 3-540-63888-1, 322–336.

E1. Kuo TC (1997) Some ideas of René Thom and their outcomes. Stratifications and Topology of Singular Spaces, Stratifications and Topology of Singular Spaces, Editeurs des sciences et des arts (ed.) , Travaux en cours, Hermann, ISBN 2 7056 6319 3, 73–77. MR1473243

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