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A3. Mack JM and Vogeli B: Mathematics and its Teaching in the Asia-Pacific Region. World Scientific Series on Mathematics Education, John Mack and Bruce Vogeli (ed.), World Scientific Publishing Co., Singapore, 2019, ISBN 978-981-1-3272-12-5, 324 pages.

Chapters in Books

B1. Allen DE, Kalev P, Peiris MS and Singh AK: Currency Spillover Effects between the US Dollar and Some Major Currencies and Exchange Rate Forecasts Based on Neural Nets, Handbook of Global Financial Markets; Transformations, Dependence, and Risk Spillovers. World Scientific Publishing Co., Singapore, 2019, ISBN 978-981-3236-64-6, 197–218.

Journal Articles

C1. Achar PN, Makisumi S, Riche S and Williamson G: Koszul duality for Kac-Moody groups and characters of tilting modules. Journal of the American Mathematical Society, 32 (2019), no.1, 261–310.

C1. Allen DE, McAleer M and Singh AK: Daily market news sentiment and stock prices. Applied Economics, Online (2019, 14 February), 24 pages.

C1. Bailey G, Cohen SD, Sutherland N and Trudgian T: Existence results for primitive elements in cubic and quartic extensions of a finite field. Mathematics of Computation, 88 (2019), no.316, 931–947.

C1. Baumgartner U, Parkinson J and Ramagge J: Scale and tidy subgroups for Weyl-transitive automorphism groups of buildings. Journal of Algebra, 520 (2019), no.February 2019, 460–478.

C1. Brownlowe N, Hawkins M and Sims A: The Toeplitz noncommutative solenoid and its Kubo–Martin–Schwinger states. Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems, 39 (2019), no.1, 105–131.

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C1. Dragović V and Radnović M: Caustics of Poncelet Polygons and Classical Extremal Polynomials. Regular and Chaotic Dynamics, 24 (2019), no.1, 1–35. MR3908388

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C1. Gerrard R, Hiabu M, Kyriakou I and Nielsen JP: Self-selection and risk sharing in a modern world of life-long annuities. British Actuarial Journal, 23 (2019)

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C1. Joshi N and Pelinovsky DE: Integrable semi-discretization of the massive Thirring system in laboratory coordinates. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 52 (2019), Article 03LT01 (12 pages).

C1. Kim PS, McQueen JS and Hawkes K: Why does women’s fertility end in mid-life? Grandmothering and age at last birth.. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 461 (2019), 84–91.

C1. McCallum S, Parusiński A and Paunescu L: Validity proof of Lazard's method for CAD construction. Journal of Symbolic Computation, 92 (2019), no.May-June 2019, 52–69.

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C1. Park M, Richardson A, Pandzic E, Lobo EP, Whan R, Watson SL, Lyons JG, Wakefield D and Girolamo ND: Visualizing the Contribution of Keratin-14+ Limbal Epithelial Precursors in Corneal Wound Healing. Stem Cells Reports, 12 (2019), no.1, 14–28.

C1. Quek LE and Turner N: Using the Human Genome-Scale Metabolic Model Recon 2 for Steady-State Flux Analysis of Cancer Cell Metabolism. Methods in Molecular Biology, 1928 (2019), 479–489.

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