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A1. Wechselberger M
Martin Wechselberger: Geometric Singular Perturbation Theory Beyond the Standard Form. Frontiers in Applied Dynamical Systems, CKRT Jones, B Sandstede, L-S Young (ed.), Springer, Cham, Switzerland, 2020, ISBN 978-3-030-36399-4, 137 pages.

Chapters in Books

B1. Dragović V, Radnović M and Ranomenjanahary RF
Vladimir Dragović, Milena Radnović and Roger Fidèle Ranomenjanahary: Pencils of quadrics, billiard double-reflection and confocal incircular nets, Integrable Systems and Algebraic Geometry. London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 2020, ISBN 978-1-10871574-4, 133–166.

B1. Phillips C and Ly FK
Collin Phillips and Fu Ken Ly: Mathematics education for indigenous students in preparation for engineering and information technologies, From Analysis to Visualization. Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics, Springer, Switzerland, 2020, ISBN 978-3-030-36568-4, 446.

B1. Yatigammana R, Peiris MS, Gerlach R and Allen DE
Rasika Yatigammana, Shelton Peiris, Richard Gerlach and David Edmund Allen: Modelling and Forecasting Stock Price Movements with Serially Dependent Determinants, Computational Methods for Risk Management in Economics and Finance. Risks, MDPI, Switzerland, 2020, ISBN 978-3-03928-499-3, 22 pages.

Journal Articles

C1. Abolghasemi M, Beh E, Tarr G and Gerlach R
Mahdi Abolghasemi, Eric Beh, Garth Tarr and Richard Gerlach: Demand forecasting in supply chain: the impact of demand volatility in the presence of promotion. Computers & Industrial Engineering, 142 (2020), no.106380, 1–12.

C1. Allen DE and McAleer M
David E Allen and Michael McAleer: Do we need stochastic volatility and generalised autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity? Comparing squared end-of-day returns on FTSE. Risks, 8 (2020), no.12, Art 8010012 (20 pages).

C1. Alonso J, Dullin HR and Hohloch S
Jaume Alonso, Holger R Dullin and Sonja Hohloch: Symplectic classification of coupled angular momenta. Nonlinearity, 33 (2020), no.1, 417–468.

C1. Alrashdi H, Joshi N and Tran DT
Huda Alrashdi, Nalini Joshi & Dinh Thi Tran: Hierarchies of \(q\)-discrete Painlevé equations. Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics, 27 (2020), no.3, 453–477.

C1. Andrews B, Clutterbuck J and Hauer D
Ben Andrews, Julie Clutterbuck and Daniel Hauer: Non-concavity of the Robin ground state. Cambridge Journal of Mathematics, 8 (2020), no.2, 243–310.

C1. Arendt W and Hauer D
Wolfgang Arendt and Daniel Hauer: Maximal \(L^2\)-regularity in nonlinear gradient systems and perturbations of sublinear growth. Pure and Applied Analysis, 2 (2020), no.1, 23–34.

C1. Asai M, Peiris MS, McAleer M and Allen DE
Manabu Asai, Shelton Peiris, Michael McAleer, David E. Allen: Cointegrated Dynamics for a Generalized Long Memory Process: Application to Interest Rates. Journal of Time Series Econometrics., 12 (2020), 1–18.

C1. Azimi A, Yang P, Ali M, Howard V, Mann GJ, Kaufman KL and Fernandez-Penas P
Ali Azimi, Pengyi Yang, Marina Ali, Vicki Howard, Graham J Mann, Kimberley L Kaufman, Pablo Fernandez-Penas: Data Independent Acquisition Proteomic Analysis Can Discriminate between Actinic Keratosis, Bowen’s Disease, and Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 140 (2020), no.1, 212–222.

C1. Cannon JJ, Steel A and Unger WR
John J Cannon, Allan K Steel and William R Unger: Construction of the irreducible modular representations of a finite group. Journal of Algebra, 545C (2020), 64–87.

C1. De Domenico M and Altmann EG
Manlio De Domenico & Eduardo G Altmann: Unraveling the Origin of Social Bursts in Collective Attention. Nature – Scientific Reports, 10 (Open Access) (2020), Art. 4629 (9 pages).

C1. Duignan N and Dullin HR
Nathan Duignan and Holger R Dullin: Regularisation for Planar vector fields. Nonlinearity, 33 (2020), no.1, 106–138.

C1. Freedman M and Hillman JA
Michael Freedman and Jonathan Hillman: Width of codimension two knots. Journal of Knot Theory and Its Ramifications, 29 (2020), no.1, 1950094 (8 pages).

C1. Gerrard R, Hiabu M, Nielsen JP and Vodička P
Russell Gerrard, Munir Hiabu, Jens Perch Nielsen, Peter Vodička: Long-term real dynamic investment planning. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 90 (2020), 90–103.

C1. Goldys B, Grotowski JF and Le KN
Beniamin Goldys , Joseph F Grotowskib , Kim-Ngan Le: Weak martingale solutions to the stochastic Landau–Lifshitz–Gilbert equation with multi-dimensional noise via a convergent finite-element scheme. Stochastic Processes and their Applications, 130 (2020), 232–261.

C1. Gubbiotti G, Joshi N, Tran DT and Viallet C-M
G Gubbiotti, N Joshi, D T Tran and C-M Viallet: Bi-rational maps in four dimensions with two invariants. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 53 (2020), no.11, Art. 115201 (24 pp).

C1. Hillman JA
Jonathan Hillman: 3-Manifolds with abelian embeddings in \(S^4\). Journal of Knot Theory and Its Ramifications, 29 (2020), no.1, 2050001 (22 pages).

C1. Isenberg J, Wu H and Zhang Z
James Isenberg, Haotian Wu, Zhou Zhang: Mean curvature flow of noncompact hypersurfaces with Type-II curvature blow-up. II. Advances in Mathematics, 367 (2020), Art. 107111 (44 pages).

C1. Jaco W, Rubinstein H, Spreer J and Tillmann S
William Jaco, Hyam Rubinstein, Jonathan Spreer and Stephan Tillmann: On minimal ideal triangulations of cusped hyperbolic 3-manifolds. Journal of Topology, 13 (2020), no.1, 308–342.

C1. Jaco W, Rubinstein JH, Spreer J and Tillmann S
William Jaco, J Hyam Rubinstein, Jonathan Spreer, Stephan Tillmann: \(\mathbb{Z}_2\)-Thurston norm and complexity of 3-manifolds, II. Algebraic and Geometric Topology, 20 (2020), no.1, 503–529.

C1. Jelbart S and Wechselberger M
Samuel Jelbart and Martin Wechselberger: Two-stroke relaxation oscillators. Nonlinearity, 33 (2020), no.5, 2364–2408.

C1. Jenner AL, Frascoli F, Coster ACF and Kim PS
Adrianne L Jenner, Federico Frascoli, Adelle C F Coster, Peter S Kim: Enhancing oncolytic virotherapy: Observations from a Voronoi Cell-Based model. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 485 (2020), no.Article 110052, 32 pages.

C1. Jing N, Liu M and Molev AI
Naihuan Jing, Ming Liu and Alexander Molev: Isomorphism between the \(R\)-matrix and Drinfeld presentations of quantum affine algebra: Type \(C\). Journal of Mathematical Physics, 61 (2020), no.3, 031701, 41pp..

C1. Jing N, Liu M and Molev AI
Naihuan Jing, Ming Liu and Alexander Molev: Isomorphism between the \(R\)-matrix and Drinfeld presentations of quantum affine algebra: types \(B\) and \(D\). SIGMA, 16 (2020), 043, 49 pages.

C1. Kawai R
Reiichiro Kawai: Adaptive importance sampling and control variates. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 483 (2020), no.1, Art 123608 (31 pages).

C1. Kim PS, Osteil P, Humphrey SJ, Cinghu S, Oldfield AJ, Patrick E, Wilkie EE, Peng G, Suo S, Jothi R, Tam PPL and Yang P
Hani Jieun Kim, Pierre Osteil, Sean J Humphrey, Senthilkumar Cinghu, Andrew J Oldfield, Ellis Patrick, Emilie E Wilkie, Guangdun Peng, Shengbao Suo, Raja Jothi, Patrick P L Tam, Pengyi Yang: Transcriptional network dynamics during the progression of pluripotency revealed by integrative statistical learning. Nucleic acids research, 48 (2020), no.4, 1828–1842.

C1. Krycer JR, Quek LE, Francis D, Fazakerley DJ, Elkington SD, Diaz-Vegas A, Cooke KC, Weiss FC, Duan X, Kurdyukov S, Zhou PX, Tambar UK, Hirayama A, Ikeda S, Kamei Y, Soga T, Cooney GJ and James DE
James R Krycer, Lake-Ee Quek, Deanne Francis, Daniel J Fazakerley, Sarah D Elkington, Alexis Diaz-Vegas, Kristen C Cooke, Fiona C. Weiss, Xiaowen Duan, Sergey Kurdyukov, Ping-Xin Zhou, Uttam K Tambar, Akiyoshi Hirayama, Satsuki Ikeda, Yushi Kamei, Tomoyoshi Soga, Gregory J Cooney, and David E James: Lactate production is a prioritized feature of adipocyte metabolism. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 295 (2020), no.3, 83–98.

C1. Kumbhari A, Kim PS and Lee PP
Adarsh Kumbhari, Peter S Kim, Peter P Lee: Optimisation of anti-cancer peptide vaccines to preferentially elicit high-avidity T cells. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 486 (2020), no.7 February 2020, Art. 110067 (14 pages).

C1. Lee T, Jenner AL, Kim PS and Lee J
Taeyong Lee, Adrianne L Jenner, Peter S Kim,and Jeehyun Lee: Application of control theory in a delayed-infection and immune-evading oncolytic virotherapy. Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering: MBE, 17 (2020), no.3, 2361–2383.

C1. Leong XY, Jajo NK and Peiris MS
Xing Yee Leong, Nethal K. Jajo, Shelton Peiris: Discrete Simulation on Elective Surgery Wait Line Using Arena Simulation Software. International Journal of Modelling and Optimization, 10 (2020), no.2, 47–51.

C1. Lizarraga I and Wechselberger M
Ian Lizarraga and Martin Wechselberger: Computational Singular Perturbation Method for Nonstandard Slow-Fast Systems. SIAM J. Applied Dynamical Systems, 19 (2020), no.2, 994–1028.

C1. Nguyen VM
Van Minh Nguyen: Type \(A\) admissible cells are Kazhdan–Lusztig. Algebraic Combinatorics, 3 (2020), no.1, 55–105.

C1. Oishi JS, Vasil GM, Baxter M, Swan A, Burns KJ, Lecoanet D and Brown G
Jeffrey S Oishi, Geoffrey M Vasil, Morgan Baxter, Andrew Swan, Keaton J Burns, Daniel Lecoanet and Benjamin P Brown: The magnetorotational instability prefers three dimensions. Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 476 (2020), Art. 20190622.

C1. Olarte JA, Santos F, Spreer J and Stump C
Jorge Alberto Olarte, Francisco Santos, Jonathan Spreer, Christian Stump: The EKR property for flag pure simplicial complexes without boundary. Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A, 172 (2020), 1–29.

C1. Peiris MS and Swartz T
Shelton Peiris and Tim Swartz: Revisiting the Kurtosis of Stationary Processes with Applications to Volatility Models. Journal of Statistical and Econometric Methods, 9 (2020), no.2, 1–17.

C1. Spreer J and Tillmann S
Jonathan Spreer and Stephan Tillmann: Determining the trisection genus of orientable and non-orientable PL 4-manifolds through triangulations. Experimental Mathematics, (2020), To appear.

C1. Su Y and Zhang RB
Yucai Su and R B Zhang: Mixed cohomology of Lie superalgebras. Journal of Algebra, 549 (2020), 1–29.

C1. Tzou JC and Tzou L
J C Tzou and L Tzou: Spot patterns of the Schnakenberg reaction–diffusion system on a curved torus. Nonlinearity, 33 (2020), 643–674.

C1. Webster B, Weekes A and Yacobi O
Ben Webster, Alex Weekes and Oded Yacobi: A quantum Mirković-Vybornov isomorphism. Representation Theory, 24 (2020), no.January 2020, 38–84.

C1. Yu W, Azizi L and Ormerod JT
Weichang Yu, Lamiae Azizi and John Ormerod: Variational nonparametric discriminant analysis. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 142 (2020), 106817 (16 pages).

C1. Yuan S and Kawai R
Sida Yuan and Reiichiro Kawai: Asymptotic degeneracy and subdiffusivity. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 53 (2020), no.9, Art. 095002 (17 pages).

C4. Gottwald GA
Georg A. Gottwald: Introduction to Focus Issue: Linear response theory: Potentials and limits. Chaos, 30 (2020), 020401.