My former research students: Warren Brown, Francis Chen, Simone Chen, Boby Chiu, Chong King Sing, Susanna Chow, Billy Li, Isaac Ma, Philip Parker, Bonnie Tin, Albert Tsang, Philip Yu.  Other coauthors/collaborators: Valerie Morris, Anne Underwood, Bob Whittaker,obert Staudte, John Sved, David Gates, Lam Kin, Davina Opstelten, Miriam Hermans, Lars Holst, Sven Eriksson, Tina Collis, Geoff Grigg, Thomas Lee, David Culpin, Richard Huggins, Tom Ferguson, Stephen Ng, Tony Aliano, Keith Dixon, Jerzy Zabczyk, Didier Piau, Phil Jennings, Tom Allen, Iain Dunn, Pam Pennycuik, Roger Miles, Viola Weiss. 

Waverton Railway station -- if you visit me, alight here.
View looking north. Looking south from the platform, one sees the grandeur of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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