Subject matter of papers (about 80)

 Stochastic models of road traffic congestion  Random geometry
 Stochastic control theory and stopping times  Biological cell kinetics
 Population dynamics  Point processes
 Age-dependent branching processes  Survival analysis
 Distribution theory  Accident statistics
 Differential geometry in metal fabrication  Queueing theory
 DNA breakage problems  Game theory
 Model of steel-making furnace  Chemical kinetics
 Statistical analysis of traffic data  Molecular biology
 Sampling of bulk materials  Contract Bridge
 Patterns in DNA sequences  Protein structure
 Stereology and quantitative histology  Animal behaviour
 Models of random tessellations  Growth curve models
 Analysis of cell lineages  Cell division studies
 Random set theory  DNA replication 
 Coverage problems  Shape theory
 Asymptotic approximations  Invariant distributions
 Self-organising systems  Brownian motion

Journals involved

 Journal of Applied Probability  Stochastic Models
 Advances in Applied Probability  Nature
 Queueing Systems: Theory & Applications  Peptide Research
 Transportation Research  Biometrics
 Journal of Royal Statistical Society (Series C)  Mathematical Biosciences
 SIAM Journal of Applied Mathematics  Cell Proliferation
 Theory of Probability & its Applications  Journal of Experimental Medicine
 European Journal of Protistology  Cell & Tissue Kinetics
 Journal of Theoretical Biology  Australian Journal of Statistics
 Annals Institute of Mathematical Statistics  Mathematische Nachrichten 
 Math. Proc. Cambridge Philosophical Society  Matematyka Stosowana
 Traffic Engineering & Control  Protein Engineering
 Philosophical Trans. Royal Society (B)  Cancer Research
 Bulletin Polish Academy of Sciences  Australian Journal of Zoology
 Proc. Australian Road Research Board  Molecular evolution
 Biochemical/Biophysical Research Commun.  Discrete & Computational Geometry

A full list of papers can be downloaded as a pdf file or, better still, be seen by following links on my front page to research interests.

Some errors, mostly typographical, are listed in errata.