The 2012 ΣUMS Puzzle Hunt has now concluded!

A big thank you to everybody who participated! We hope you had as much fun solving our puzzles as we had writing them!

The Solutions are now available! We have taken a page from the CiSRA Puzzle Competition's structure this year and added Design Notes to the end of some solution pages.

Congratulations to the overall winners:
First Overall crackerjacks
Second Overall Team Plugh (pronounced plug)
Third Overall The Judean GNUs

The prize winners (top Australian teams) are:
First Prize Team Plugh (pronounced plug)
Second Prize Team Plugh (pronounced ploog)
Third Prize CISRA Puzzlers

Congratulations also goes to Death From Above for being the first team to solve the Meta, and Team Plugh (pronounced plug) for winning the Meta Prize! The Meta prize this year was the board game Tikal.

Finally, the winner of the Random Prize this year has been selected: Congrats to Huzzle Punters!

The guesslog is now available. Please send us your feedback!

Welcome to the ΣUMS Puzzle Hunt home page!

After a successful hunt in 2011, ΣUMS is back with what we hope to be an even better puzzle contest in 2012!

The ΣUMS Puzzle Hunt was created to encourage people to employ mathematical thinking without having to understand any maths. As such, we'd like to emphasise that although we are a mathematics society, this is not a contest full of maths problems! The puzzles are designed to not require any specialist knowledge and so should be quite accessible for everyone. The puzzles range in style from picture and word puzzles, to logic and cryptic puzzles, and everything in between. To get an idea of what to expect, feel free to check out the puzzles from last year's hunt.

Be sure to check the rules and FAQ for more information.

If you would like to know more about ΣUMS, please visit our webpage.

If you have any queries about the Puzzle Hunt, feel free to send us an email at sums(at)maths.usyd.edu.au.

The ΣUMS Puzzle Hunt is proudly sponsored the School of Mathematics and Statistics, USYD.

The hunt is on!

You can find our archives here!