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Algebraic Geometry Seminar


December 2003

Friday 12 December Group Schemes 1. Introduction (Joost van Hamel)
Friday 19 December Group Schemes 2. k-functors, Yoneda's lemma and affine schemes (Alison Parker)

January 2004

Friday 9 January Group Schemes 3. Closed subschemes (Anthony Henderson)
Friday 16 January Group Schemes 4. Open subschemes (Joost van Hamel)
Friday 23 January
Carslaw 830
Group Schemes 5. Comparing different notions of (affine) varieties and schemes (Ben Smith)
Friday 30 January
Carslaw 830
Group Schemes 6. Group schemes - definitions and basic examples (Mike Harrison)

February 2004

This page will not be maintained in February.
Group Schemes wil continue,
normally on Fridays, at 12.05-13.00 in Carslaw 830.

Please check the School Calendar for details and updates.


March 2004

During term time (from 12 March),
the Algebraic Geometry Seminar will probably go back to its usual timeslot:
Fridays, 10.05 - 11.00

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