About the School

Nethal Jajo

Nethal Jajo
Honorary Associate

School of Mathematics and Statistics
Carslaw Building (F07)
University of Sydney NSW 2006

Research Interests

Robust regression analysis techniques, non-parametric and semi-parametric regression, stochastic system modelling, statistical and machine learning, business analytics, partial least square path modelling, dynamics modelling and simulation and their applications in military, environment, ecology, health, education and social sciences.

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Selected Publications

  • Matawie K.M. and Jajo N.K. (2017): Robust Outlier Approach to Detect Faulty Digital Circuit, Proceeding of the International Conference on Robust Statistics, July 3–7, 2017, Wollongong, Australia.
  • Jajo N.K. (2015): The trade-off between DES and SD in modelling military manpower. Management Science Letters. Volume 5, issue 4, 369–376. doi: 10.5267/j.msl.2015.2.002.
  • Jajo N.K. (2014): Integration of dynamic resource management in discrete event models. Proceeding of the Australian and New Zealand ARENA Simulation Forum, August 5th, 2014, Sydney, Australia.      
  • Jajo N.K. and Harrison J. (2014): World university ranking systems: An alternative approach using Partial Least Squares Path Modelling. Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, volume 36, issue 5, 471–482. 
  • Jajo N.K. and Matawie K.M. (2014): Integration of dynamic resource management in discrete event models using arena software. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, volume 64, 11–20. 
  • Jajo A., Rahim A., Serra S., Gagliardi F., Jajo N.K., Musacchi S., Costa G., Bonghi C. and Trainotti L. (2014): Impact of tree training system, branch type and position in the canopy on the ripening homogeneity of Abate Pear fruit. Tree Genetics and Genomes, volume 10, 1477–1488
  • Jajo N.K. and Matawie K.M. (2009): Outlier Detection using Modified Boxplot. International Journal of Ecology and Development, Volume 13, No. S09, 116–122.
  • Jajo N.K. (2005): A Review of Robust Regression and Diagnostics Procedures. Acta Mathematicae Applicatae, Sinica–English series, Volume 21, No.2, 209–224.
  • Jajo N.K. (2005): Graphical Display in Outlier Diagnostics; adequacy and robustness. Statistics and Operations Research Transactions, Volume 29, No. 1, 1–10.
  • Jajo N.K. (2005): Enhance Teaching and Learning Mathematics using DERIVE, Australian Mathematical Society Gazette, Volume 32, No. 5, 342–347.
  • Jajo N.K. and Wu X.Z. (2004): Robust outlier detection in linear regression. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 2, 136–148.