Members of the Geometry, Topology and Analysis Research Group

Academic and Research Staff

Carberry, Emma Senior Lecturer Carslaw 723 9351 3796
Jiang, Wenshuai ARC Early Career Researcher
Lishak, Boris Postdoctoral Research Associate Carslaw 534 9351 4077
Paunescu, Laurentiu Professor Carslaw 721 9351 2969
Spreer, Jonathan Academic Fellow
Taji, Behrouz Lecturer
Thomas, Anne Senior Lecturer Carslaw 716 9351 3357
Tillmann, Stephan Associate Professor Carslaw 710 9351 2005
Wu, Haotian ARC Early Career Researcher Carslaw 534 9351 4077
Xu, Guangbo ARC Early Career Researcher
Zhang, Zhou Associate Professor Carslaw 620 9351 5780

Retired and Honorary Staff

Britton, Sandra Honorary Senior Lecturer
Cartwright, Donald Honorary Reader
Hillman, Jonathan Honorary Reader Carslaw 609 9351 5775
Koike, Satoshi Honorary Associate
Kuo, Tzee-Char Honorary Reader Carslaw 721 9351 2969

Current Postgraduate Students

Moon, Jack PhD Student Carslaw 807 9114 1252
Perrin, Mark MPhil Student
Tate, Dominic PhD Student Carslaw 807
Yau, Yeeka PhD Student Carslaw 530 8627 0697

Recent Postgraduate Students

Annor, Dickson Recent MPhil Student
Barwick, Michael Recent PhD Student
Bos, Philip Recent MSc Student
Bulinski, Kamil Recent PhD Student
Casella, Alex Recent PhD Student
Gill, Montek Recent MSc Student
Majchrowski, Alexander Recent PhD Student Carslaw 807
Nakhoul, John Recent PhD Student
Ogilvie, Ross Recent PhD Student Carslaw 495 9351 4863
Sercombe, Damian Recent MSc Student

Honours and Graduate Diploma Students

(Data not available)