Members of the MASTER Group

Academic and Research Staff

Clarke, Samantha Academic Developer, Science Faculty Carslaw 826 9351 3276
Easdown, David Associate Professor Carslaw 619 9351 4217
Stephen, Sharon Associate Professor Carslaw 525 9351 3048
Warren, Diana Scholarly Teaching Fellow Carslaw 527 9351 2108

Retired and Honorary Staff

Britton, Sandra Honorary Senior Lecturer
Gagen, Terry Honorary Associate Professor Carslaw 822 9351 3194
Henderson, Jenny Honorary Senior Lecturer
Mack, John Honorary Associate Professor

Current Postgraduate Students

Papadopoulos, George PhD Student Carslaw 807 9114 1254

Recent Postgraduate Students

(None at present)

Honours and Graduate Diploma Students

(Data not available)