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Calendar1: 12 Jun 2019 0900-1400
CalLoc1: New Law School 106
Calendar2: 13 Jun 2019 0900-1400
CalLoc2: New Law School 106
Calendar3: 14 Jun 2019 0900-1400
CalLoc3: New Law School 106
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Dynamics and Number Theory 2019

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to draw your attention to the conference Dynamics and Number Theory 2019 that will be held at Sydney University from June 12 to June 14. The program is copied here for your convenience. All lectures are in New Law Lecture Theatre 106:

Wednesday, June 12

9:00 Coffee and Refreshments
9:20 Greetings
9:30 Sanju Velani, Diophantine Approximation on manifolds: lower bounds for Hausdorff dimension
10:30 Seonhee Lim, Doubly metric inhomogeneous Diophantine approximation
11:30 Alina Ostafe, Multiplicative relations in orbits of polynomial dynamical systems
12:30 Lunch and Coffee
13:15 Bing Li, Denseness of intermediate beta-shifts of finite type

Thursday, June 13

8:40 Coffee and Refreshments
9:00 Alex Gorodnik, Littlewood conjecture and friends
10:00 Michael Bjoerklund, Approximate lattices - yesterday, today and perhaps tomorrow?
11:00 John Griesmer, Recurrence and rigidity in measurable dynamics
12:00 Lunch and Coffee
13:00 Mumtaz Hussain, Metrical theory for improvements to Dirichlet's theorem

18:00 Conference Dinner

Friday, June 14

8:40 Coffee and Refreshments
9:00 Dmitry Kleinbock, Uniform approximation in ergodic theory with shrinking targets
10:00 Michael Coons, Scaling of the diffraction measure of k-free integers
11:00 Sam Chow, Lonely runners in function fields
12:00 Lunch and Coffee
13:00 Johannes Schleischitz, Diophantine approximation in Cantor sets

You are welcome to join us for any talk/s, and also dinner. If you decided to join for dinner, please register at the website of the conference

Dzmitry Badziahin, Sasha Fish and Mumtaz Hussain

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