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One School Seminar: Garth Tarr

Dear All,  

Next week we will have One School Seminar, which is part of regular seminars aimed at all mathematical scientist organised by SMRI on Thursdays 13:00-14:00.

On Thursday 27th of October at 1pm,  Garth Tarr will give a talk about Working with data. Seminar will be held in hybrid format, however we encourage in person participation.

In person location: Quad S223

Zoom link:


In this talk I’ll provide a brief overview of some of my research interests: understanding the stability of feature selection, robust modelling methods and multi-class modelling.

- Is the model you’ve selected uniquely “best”? [Spoiler: probably not]
- How can we develop methods that are resistant to data corruption?
- How can we take advantage of known structures in our data? For example, discover which groups in our data respond similarly to various inputs.

There are great funding opportunities associated with applied research. I’ve established a long-term association with Meat and Livestock Australia, particularly around predicting beef and sheep eating quality, which has spawned many projects. I’ll share some of my experiences of working with industry partners, interdisciplinary collaborators, and PhD students.

This seminar series aims to facilitate sharing and learning about the research of our fellow staff members.  Early and mid-career researchers will present a broader context of their work which should be accessible and relatable to the entire School community.

Seminars will be followed by a friendly gathering and refreshments in the SMRI common room or out on the terrace (weather permitting).  

Everyone is warmly invited!

Kind Regards,