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CalTitle1: One School Seminar -- Jonathan Spreer -- Quad S224
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One School Seminar: Jonathan Spreer

Dear All,

Next week we start One School Seminar series, which is part of regular seminars aimed at all mathematical scientist organised by SMRI on Tuesdays 15:00-16:00.

On Tuesday 3rd of May at 3pm, Jonathan Spreer will give a talk about Studying manifolds in Geometric Topology. Seminar will be held in hybrid format, however we encourage in person participation :)

In person location: Quad S224

Zoom link:


Manifolds, that is, spaces that locally look like Euclidean space, occur in many settings and fields of research within and outside mathematics. In dimension two, manifolds are called surfaces.

Geometric topology is the study of manifolds. But unlike in most other settings where manifolds occur, we are not primarily interested in their shapes, but in their properties that remain unchanged under continuous deformations.

I will explain how manifolds can be most conveniently represented; go over some methods to study these representations; and demonstrate how these methods can give rise to deterministic algorithms solving fundamental problems in the field.

The flavour of this research highly depends on an integer: the dimension of the manifolds under investigation. In this talk the flavour will be mostly three.

This seminar series aims to facilitate sharing and learning about the research of our fellow staff members. Early and mid-career researchers will present a broader context of their work which should be accessible and relatable to the entire School community.

Next semester we will host talks of Nathan Duignan, Bregje Pauwels and Garth Tarr.

Seminars will be followed by a friendly gathering and refreshments in the SMRI common room or out on the terrace (weather permitting).

Everyone is warmly invited!

Kind Regards,


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