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CalTitle1: One School Seminar -- Lindon Roberts -- Blackbox Optimisation Algorithms
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One School Seminar: Lindon Roberts

Dear All,  

On Thursday 12th of October at 1pmLindon Roberts will give a talk about Blackbox Optimisation Algorithms. Seminar will be held in hybrid format, however we encourage in person participation.

In person location: Carslaw 375

Zoom link:


Numerical optimisation - being able to find maxima/minima of functions - is an important part in numerical analysis, with many applications across different disciplines. This problem becomes much harder if only limited information about the functions is available - no analytic expression and/or no exact function values available, for example. In this case, specialised techniques known as 'blackbox optimisation' must be used. In this talk, I will give an overview of some useful techniques for blackbox optimisation and some recent work on improving the scalability of these techniques using tools from random matrix theory.

One School Seminar is part of regular seminars aimed at all mathematical scientist organised by SMRI on Thursdays 13:00-14:00. This seminar series aims to facilitate sharing and learning about the research of our fellow staff members.  Early and mid-career researchers will present a broader context of their work which should be accessible and relatable to the entire School community.

Seminars will be followed by a friendly gathering and refreshments in the SMRI common room or out on the terrace (weather permitting).  

Everyone is warmly invited!

Kind Regards,


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