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Calendar1: 3 May 2024 1200-1300
CalLoc1: Carslaw 273
CalTitle1: Algebra Seminar: Modular representations and tensor categories
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Algebra Seminar: Kevin Coulembier -- Modular representations and tensor categories

Kevin Coulembier (University of Sydney) will speak in the algebra seminar next week.  We
will go out for lunch after the talk.  

When: Friday 3 May, 12-1pm 

Where: Carslaw 273 

Title: Modular representations and tensor categories 

Abstract: In this talk I will explain how to extract representations of the symmetric
group from a symmetric tensor category over a field (of positive characteristic).  This
results in applications of representation theory into the area of tensor categories and
vice versa.  I will also explain how this connects to generalisations of polynomial

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