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Type: Seminar
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Calendar1: 9 Oct 2023 1530-1800
CalLoc1: Quad Seminar Room S204 (Oriental)
CalTitle1: Magma Mondays Workshop
Calendar2: 16 Oct 2023 1530-1800
CalLoc2: Quad Seminar Room S204 (Oriental)
CalTitle2: Magma Mondays Workshop
Calendar3: 23 Oct 2023 1530-1800
CalLoc3: Quad Seminar Room S204 (Oriental)
CalTitle3: Magma Mondays Workshop
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Magma Mondays Workshop -- Magma Mondays: lecture and exercise session

Magma Mondays workshop is a series of engaging, hands-on meetings aimed to teach Magma
to mathematicians at all stages; in particular, no background in coding/computers

Magma is a computational algebra software that specializes in computational algebra,
number theory, algebraic geometry, and algebraic combinatorics.  It’s an incredibly
useful tool for (tricky) computations, developing intuition, and making conjectures from

These sessions will begin with a lecture given by Don Taylor.  More details will appear
on the website regarding which topics are covered as the date approaches.  The lecture
will be followed by an exercise session led by Daniel Tubbenhauer.  

Students at all levels are especially encouraged to join.  Please visit the website for
more details and registration:

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