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Postgraduate Seminar: Gibson, Poladian

This week’s postgraduate seminar will be held, as per usual, in Carslaw 273 from 3pm
this Thursday.  

Our student speaker this week is Matt Gibson, who will be discussing Arrow’s
Impossibility Theorem.  This foundational result in social choice theory states that all
methods of establishing a societal preference from a list of individual preferences (as
in any election) are inherently unfair, as long as the individuals have at least three
options to choose from.  What exactly is meant by "fair" and "unfair" will be explored
in the talk, along with a simple proof.  

Our general speaker is Leon Poladian, who will be giving a talk on how to give
good/better talks.  Come along and learn the tricks of the trade from a seasoned veteran
while he deftly avoids the recursive traps of his subject matter.  

Free food and drink for all attendees, and all are welcome.

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