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Postgraduate Seminar: Wilcox, Myerscough

The Postgraduate Seminar series continues this Thursday at 3pm in Carslaw 273.  Our
student talk is by Jenny Wilcox (title and abstract below), and our general talk is by
Mary Myerscough, who will be helping us understand "What your supervisor hates to

Food and drink will be provided, and all are welcome! 

Jenny Wilcox Title: An example of inconsistency for non parametric maximum likelihood
estimation of mixture distributions 

"A simple example is given where the non parametric maximum likelihood estimator of the
number of mass points $K$ of a mixing distribution is inconsistent for the true number
$k$.  A series of pictures and a mysterious lack of detail will be presented to show
that in the example given, P(K=k) tends to 0."

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