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CalTitle1: 2018 AustMS/AMSI Mahler Lecture: Ivan Corwin
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2018 AustMS/AMSI Mahler Lecture: Corwin -- Random permutations, partitions and PDEs

The 2018 AustMS/AMSI Mahler Lecturer is Ivan Corwin (Columbia University): 

He lists his research interests as "Probability, mathematical physics, quantum
integrable systems, stochastic partial differential equations, random matrix theory".  

He will begin his Australian tour with a talk at the University of Sydney on Monday 29
October.  I encourage all School academic staff and research students to attend this
colloquium-style talk.  


Date: Monday 29 October, 2018 (Week 13) 

Time: 4.30-5.30pm 

Venue: Carslaw Lecture Theatre 273 

Title: Random permutations, partitions and PDEs 


We start with a seemingly innocuous question -- what do large random permutations look
like? Focusing on the structure of their "increasing subsequences" we encounter some
remarkable mathematics related to symmetric functions (e.g.  Schur and Macdonald),
random matrices, and stochastic PDEs.  No prior knowledge of any of this will be


I will be taking Ivan out to dinner on 29 October after his talk; if you would like to
join us, please email me ( before 22 October.  

Ivan will also be giving a public lecture at Macquarie University at 2pm on Wednesday 31
October entitled `Beyond the Gaussian universality class’: 

He will then be leaving Sydney for the next stage of his 2-week national tour.  

Anthony (acting HoS in the week of the talk)

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