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Calendar1: 15 Aug 2008 1205-1255
CalLoc1: Carslaw 159
CalTitle1: Algebra Seminar: Dixon -- Projectives in quantised category O

Algebra Seminar

Projectives in quantised category O

Jonathan Dixon

15th August, 12:05-12:55pm, Carslaw 159


For a (quantised) hyperalgebra UK(g), let O be the category of finitely generated weight modules on which UK(b+) acts locally nilpotently. The simple modules in O are the unique irreducible quotients of Verma modules. Assuming a PBW-type basis, this talk characterises the projective modules in the characteristic p, quantum and mixed cases, and gives a BGG reciprocity result.

After the seminar we will take the speaker to lunch.

See the Algebra Seminar web page for information about other seminars in the series.

Anthony Henderson