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International Visitor Program for 2020 - application deadline 28 July

REMINDER (21 June 2019): The deadline for applications in the current round of the SMRI
International Visitor Program is now just over 5 weeks away, on Sunday 28 July 2019.
Please spread the word among your collaborative networks and encourage international
colleagues to apply for funding to visit the University of Sydney (and other Australian
universities as well if they wish) in the period April-December 2020.  See the full
details below or go to .  



Another round of the SMRI International Visitor Program is now open.  This round is for
visits in the period April - December 2020 (overlapping the period of the previous
round), and the deadline for potential visitors to apply is 11.59pm (Sydney time) on
Sunday 28 July 2019.  

The application form is on the SMRI webpage (see the link "Apply for the program"): 

Please see the detailed terms and conditions at the above page, and encourage
international researchers in any area of the Mathematical Sciences (two-digit code 01)
who may want to visit Australia to apply.  

Since feedback showed that last round’s requirement to ask for reference letters to be
sent in advance was deterring potential applicants, we have changed back to the previous
system where applicants nominate two referees whom the committee may consult if
required.  This will mean that the outcomes of the next round will probably be announced
in mid-September.  

As the International Visitor Program processes are now becoming better established, this
round is open for much longer than previous rounds, but presumably most applications
will still arrive close to the deadline.  I will post a reminder towards the end of
Semester 1.  The long lead-time should allow for wider advertisement, as well as a more
considered discussion of applications which may require special permission from me for
not strictly meeting one of the stated conditions.  

If you have any suggestions for forums in which to advertise the IVP, especially to
researchers who do not have a pre-existing collaboration with an Australian host, please
let me and Kate know by emailing .