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CalTitle1: IVP 2020 round 2 application deadline
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International Visitor Program for April-December 2021 - application deadline 26 August

UPDATE (10 August): A reminder that the current round of the SMRI International Visitor
Program closes on Wednesday 26 August 2020.  See below for the details.  

If you or your international collaborators wish to ask any questions before the
deadline, please use the email address which goes to me and
Kate, as we are both on leave at different times in the next few weeks.  



Another round of the SMRI International Visitor Program is now open for applications.
This round is for visits in the period April-December 2021.  

The deadline for applications to be considered in this round is 11.59pm (Sydney time) on
Wednesday 26 August 2020.  

The application form is on the SMRI webpage (see the link "Apply for the August 2020 IVP

and the terms and conditions are here: 

Please encourage international researchers in any area of the Mathematical Sciences
(two-digit code 49) who may want to visit Australia to apply.  

There are no significant changes to the terms and conditions since the previous round,
except a note to make explicit that approved visits can be postponed in case of further
disruptions to international travel.  


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