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Calendar1: 31 Jan 2017 1830-1945
CalLoc1: Eastern Avenue Auditorium
CalTitle1: AMSI Summer School Public Lecture: Genevera Allen - Networks for Big Biomedical Data

Special Public Lecture: Allen -- Networks for Big Biomedical Data

A reminder about the public lecture by Genevera Allen on Tuesday January 31, below. 
There have been 325 registrations as of January 18, with 500 being the capacity
of the auditorium - so if you want to come, register soon!

Anthony Henderson

The 2017 AMSI Summer School Public Lecture will be given on Tuesday January 31 by
Assistant Professor Genevera Allen (Rice University), whose visit to Sydney is supported
by the Network of Minds. Please come along to hear this interesting talk, and please
promote it to your friends and colleagues outside the School. Registration is free 
but essential for catering numbers.

Date: Tuesday January 31, 2017

Time: 6.30pm-7.45pm, followed by drinks and nibbles

Venue: Eastern Avenue Auditorium

Speaker: Dr Genevera Allen (Rice University)

Title: Networks for Big Biomedical Data 


Cancer and neurological diseases are among the top 5 causes of death in Australia.  
There is some good news in this battle against disease, however, as new Big Data 
technologies now allow scientists to measure nearly every aspect of a cancerous 
tumor and take real-time scans of the active human brain.  This Big Data may hold 
the key to understanding causes and possible cures for cancer as well as understanding 
the complexities of the human brain.  Join us on a voyage of discovery as we highlight 
how data science is transforming medical research.  Specifically, we show how networks 
can be used to visualize and mine big biomedical data, from genetic networks that have 
led to the discovery of new drug targets for cancer to brain networks that show how 
the brain communicates and how these communications are disrupted in neurological 
diseases.  Using real case studies we will demonstrate how cutting-edge data science 
is bringing us closer than ever before to major medical breakthroughs.

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