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CalTitle1: Byrne - Can calculus cure cancer?
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Special Public Lecture: Byrne -- Can calculus cure cancer?

UPDATE (4/11/19): Helen Byrne’s public lecture will be followed by a canapes and drinks
reception courtesy of SMRI, to mark the anniversary of our launch party last year.  I
have seen a draft of Helen’s slides and can attest that this is going to be an
entertaining talk touching on a range of applications of mathematics to medicine.  



Helen Byrne (Professor of Applied Mathematics at Oxford) will be in Sydney in November
for a meeting of the SMRI Advisory Board and has kindly agreed to give a public lecture
in the Sydney Ideas series.  All are welcome but online registrations are essential at
the webpage below.  


Date and time: Tuesday 12 November, 6 - 7.30pm 

Venue: Lecture Theatre 200, Social Sciences Building (at the end of Science Rd, near the
Ross St gate) 

Title: Can calculus cure cancer? 


Cancer is a complex disease.  While research by clinicians and experimental biologists
has dramatically improved outcomes for patients, treatment of cancer’s many forms still
requires immense work.  This work is one of Australia’s health imperatives, particularly
when we consider that almost 46,000 Australians died from cancer in 2016, according to
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare statistics.  

In her talk, Professor Helen Byrne will explain how mathematical models are being used
to understand how tumours grow and to predict how they will respond to treatments
involving, for example, novel combinations of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.  

She will also outline how mathematical and computational modelling is helping to
accelerate the development of new treatments such as immunotherapy and virotherapy.  

Professor Jennifer Byrne, who heads up the Children’s Cancer Research Unit at Westmead,
will join Helen in a conversation to explore how maths and medicine can come together to
improve research and outcomes.

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