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Calendar1: 1 Oct 2013 1900-2000
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Special Public Lecture: Gentry -- Faster, safer, healthier: adventures in operations research

School members will already be aware that we are hosting the 57th Annual Meeting of the
Australian Mathematical Society during the mid-semester break; see the conference
web-site .  

In conjunction with this conference, Sommer Gentry from the mathematics department of
the US Naval Academy in Maryland will give a public lecture on the Tuesday.  Please
promote this, and the other public lecture by Akshay Venkatesh on the Monday, to any
students/friends/family members who would be interested in finding out about new
discoveries in pure mathematics (Venkatesh) and new applications of mathematics to
modern society (Gentry) from exciting young speakers.  

Time: Tuesday 1 October, 7-8pm (preceded by drinks and canapes) 

Venue: Eastern Avenue Auditorium, University of Sydney 

Speaker: Sommer Gentry (USNA) 

Title: Faster, safer, healthier: adventures in operations research 

Free and aimed at the general public, no registration necessary.  

For more information see