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Algebra Seminar: Du -- A double Hall approach to affine q-Schur algebras

The Algebra Seminar this Friday 29 July will be given by Jie Du.  


Speaker: Jie Du (University of New South Wales) 

Date: Friday 29 July 

Time: 12.05-12.55pm 

Venue: Carslaw 175 


A double Hall approach to affine q-Schur algebras 


I will talk about the structure of the double Ringel-Hall algebras associated with
cyclic quivers and their connection with affine q-Schur algebras.  This includes the
Drinfeld-Jimbo type presentation, the quantum loop algebra interpretation, the affine
quantum Schur-Weyl duality, the structure of affine q-Schur algebras and connections
with various existing works by Lusztig, Schiffmann, Hubery, Varaganolo-Vasserot,
McGerty, etc.  I will also mention possible Beilinson-Lusztig-MacPherson type
realization and Lusztig type integral forms.  Representations of affine q-Schur algebras
will probably be briefly discussed.  

This is joint work with Bangming Deng and Qiang Fu.  


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