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Algebra Seminar: Lyle -- Homomorphisms between Specht modules

The next Algebra Seminar will be given by Sinead Lyle on Friday 18 February at 12 noon.
Note the unusual room, Carslaw 535.  

After the seminar we will take Sinead to lunch at the Grandstand Bar, where we will also
be hosting Bill Moran, who is speaking at the Joint Colloquium in honour of Gavin Brown
afterwards (Carslaw 175 at 2.30pm).  Anyone attending either/both talk/s is welcome to
join us for lunch.  So that I can give the Grandstand accurate numbers, please email me
by Wednesday 16 February if you plan to attend the lunch.  

I am still looking for speakers for March and April -- if you and/or any of your
visitors would like to give a talk, I would be very happy to hear from you.  


Speaker: Sinead Lyle (University of East Anglia) 

Date: Friday 18 February 

Time: 12.05-12.55pm 

Venue: Carslaw 535 

Title: Homomorphisms between Specht modules 

Abstract: In the representation theory of the symmetric groups and the Hecke algebras of
type $A$, there are certain important modules known as Specht modules.  In this talk we
construct homomorphisms between Specht modules indexed by certain pairs of partitions.
This is joint work with Andrew Mathas.

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