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Algebra Seminar: Parkinson -- A classification of commutative parabolic Hecke algebras

 The Algebra Seminar on Friday 1 April will be given by James Parkinson.  


Speaker: James Parkinson (University of Sydney) 

Date: Friday 1 April 

Time: 12.05-12.55pm 

Venue: Carslaw 175 


A classification of commutative parabolic Hecke algebras 


Let W be an arbitrary Coxeter group and let H be the associated generic Hecke algebra
with basis T_w, w in W.  Let W_J be a parabolic subgroup of W and let 1_J be the sum of
the basis elements T_w with w in W_J.  In this talk we classify the pairs (W,J) for
which the J-parabolic Hecke algebra H_J=1_JH1_J is commutative.  This is joint work with
Peter Abramenko (Virginia) and Hendrik Van Maldeghem (Ghent).

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