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Type: Meeting
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Expiry: 28 Aug 2019
Calendar1: 26 Aug 2019 0900-1800
CalLoc1: F23
Calendar2: 27 Aug 2019 0900-1800
CalLoc2: F23
Calendar3: 28 Aug 2019 0900-1800
CalLoc3: F23
CalTitle3: Workshop on stochastic PDs
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Workshop on stochastic PDEs

Dear Colleagues, a workshop on stochastic PDEs will be held in the School of Mathematics
and Statistics of Sydney University in the period August 26 - August 28, 2019.  

It will bring together specialists in the theory and numerical methods for stochastic
partial differential equations and their applications.  For more details, see 

Everyone is welcome, Ben Goldys and Daniel Hauer