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Categorification in representation theory: Wilson -- sl(2) categorification II

Dear all, 

The categorification in representation theory working group meets again this Friday at
3.30pm in Carslaw 159.  There has been a change of speaker due to a change in Andrew
Mathas’ travel arrangements (he will now speak in April).  

Abstract appears below.  Hope to see you there.  


sl(2)-categorification II ---- In this talk we will revisit the notion of
sl(2)-categorification, and treat a central example given by one-step induction and
restriction on the category of representations of the symmetric groups.  We will see how
this came from the work of Lascoux, Leclerc and Thibon, who defined an action of affine
sl(p) on the same category.  

If time permits, we may also discuss a second example, concerning the category O of
finitely-generated highest-weight modules for a semisimple finite-dimensional Lie

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