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Calendar1: 10 Jun 2010 1505-1600
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Computational Algebra Seminar: Nill -- Dual defect toric manifolds and the Cayley polytope conjecture

Speaker: Benjamin Nill (University of Georgia)
Title: Dual defect toric manifolds and the Cayley polytope conjecture
Time & Place: 3:05-4pm, Thiursday 10 June, Carslaw 535

I am going to talk about a recent paper with Alicia Dickenstein,
which extends work of Sandra Di Rocco, Ragni Piene and Alicia.
We give an alternative way how to check whether
a projective toric manifold associated to a smooth lattice polytope
has dual defect. This involves a combinatorial invariant, called
the codegree, which is of independent interest in the theory of lattice

If time permits, I will explain how our result fits in nicely with a general
conjecture of Beltrametti and Sommese in the adjunction theory of polarized

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