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Computational Algebra Seminar: Hulpke -- Computing Conjugacy Classes in Finite Matrix Groups

Speaker: Alexander Hulpke (Colorado State) Title: Computing Conjugacy Classes in Finite
Matrix Groups Time and Place: 3-4pm, Thursday 18 Nov, Carslaw 173 

Abstract: The matrix group recognition project has reached the stage at which one can
use the composition tree as a basis for further calculations.  In particular, it is
desirable to adapt the ``trivial fitting’’ paradigm, which is the basis for many
successful permutation group algorithms.  For this, it is necessary to obtain radical
generators and a representation for the radical factor, to split the radical in
elementary abelian factors, and to adapt the existing permutation group algorithms in
aspects such as element tests in subgroups.  Using the example of conjugacy classes of
elements I will show how this can be done.

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