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Computational Algebra Seminar: Jambor -- The L_2-quotient and L_3-U_3-quotient algorithms

Speaker: Sebastian Jambor (RWTH Aachen)
Title: The L_2-quotient and L_3-U_3-quotient algorithms
Time & Place: 3-4pm, Thursday 29 March, Carslaw 535

The L_2-quotient algorithm by Plesken and Fabianska finds for a given finitely
presented group G all quotients of G which are isomorphic to some finite
simple group PSL(2, q), simultaneously for every prime power q. 
The L_3-U_3-quotient algorithm does the same for the quotients PSL(3, q) and PSU(3, q).

After giving a motivation for these algorithms, I will describe the basic
ideas which combine methods from representation theory and commutative
algebra. At the end, I will try to give a live demonstration of the algorithms
with several examples.

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