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Calendar1: 23 May 2013 1500-1600
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Computational Algebra Seminar: Pearce -- Sparse Polynomials in Maple

Date: 23/05/13
Location: Carslaw 535
Time: 15:00
Name: Roman Pearce
Affiliation: CECM/SFU
Title:Sparse Polynomials in Maple
This is joint work with Dr. Michael Monagan at Simon Fraser University.
We present our recent work of scaling Maple’s polynomial algorithms to
multicore CPUs, including parallel algorithms with superlinear speedup
and the new polynomial data structure that we have added to the kernel.
The larger issue we hope to discuss is how to scale different computer
algebra systems to future processors.  Our strategy for Maple reflects
its design as a small, compact kernel with high level library routines
that scales down as well as up.  The ideal strategy for Magma could be
quite different, however I don’t presume to know.

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