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Calendar1: 27 Jun 2013 1605-1700
CalLoc1: Carslaw 157
CalTitle1: Computational Algebra Seminar: Zhang
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Computational Algebra Seminar: Zhang -- Verifying p-valuation of class numbers

This week in the Computational Algebra Seminar the speaker will be Yinan Zhang. 
Please note the unusual time and place.

Date: 27/06/13
Location: Carslaw 157
Time: 16:05-17:00
Name: Yinan Zhang
Affiliation: University of Sydney
Title: Verifying p-valuation of class numbers
Abstract: Certain areas of Iwasawa theory requires knowledge of only the 
p-part of the class group. Computing this unconditionally with the full class 
group algorithm is infeasible for all but the simplest number fields. In this 
talk I will present a p-adic algorithm for computing/verifying the p-valuation 
of class numbers of totally real abelian number fields. This is joint work with 
my supervisor Claus Fieker.

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