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Calendar1: 11 Jul 2019 0945-1700
CalLoc1: New Law Annex 342
CalTitle1: Day of Geometry and Integrable Systems
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Day of Geometry and Integrable Systems: Eastwood, Radnovic,Tavokol, Vollmer, Wheeler

Dear Colleagues, 

You are warmly invited to join us at the New Law Annex room 342 next Thursday, 11 July
2019 for a Day of Geometry and Integrable Systems.  

Speakers: Mike Eastwood, Milena Radnovic, Medhi Tavokol, Andreas Vollmer, Glen Wheeler.  

Workshop website: 

If you are planning to join for lunch it would be great if you could email Emma
Carberry,, for the purpose of gauging numbers.  

There is no registration fee.  

Emma Carberry

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