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Geometry Seminar: Vergara -- Harmonicity of Geometric Structures

Dr Esther Vergara of the Universite de Brest will be giving a geometry seminar from
12:05-12:55pm on Thursday July 22 in Carslaw 707A.  

Harmonicity of geometric structures 

From a very well-known functional of energy - the one for harmonic maps- we introduce
the vertical functional of energy and its correspondent associated Euler-Lagrange
equation.  The critical points of this vertical functional of energy are `harmonic
sections’.  In particular, we study the harmonic sections of the twistor bundle since
they are associated to geometric structures.  We rewrite the Euler-Lagrange equation for
the vertical functional of energy in terms of the geometric structure only.  Equations
for harmonicity of almost complex manifolds, almost contact manifolds and f-structures
are provided, as well as representative examples in each case.