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Joint Colloquium: Chapman -- Stochastic models of reaction diffusion

JOINT COLLOQUIUM at University of Sydney 

NOTE: Lunch is at 1pm, i.e.  BEFORE the seminar.  


Date: Friday December 3 2010 Time: 2:30pm Venue: Carslaw 175 

Speaker: Professor Jon Chapman, University of Oxford 

Title: Stochastic models of reaction diffusion 


We consider two different position jump processes: (i) a random walk on a lattice (ii)
the Euler scheme for the Smoluchowski differential equation.  Both of these reduce to
the diffusion equation as the time step and size of the jump tend to zero.  We consider
the problem of adding chemical reactions to these processes, both at a surface and in
the bulk.  We show how the "microscopic" parameters should be chosen to achieve the
correct "macroscopic" reaction rate.  This choice is found to depend on which stochastic
model for diffusion is used.  


Lunch is at 1pm, i.e.  BEFORE the seminar.  We will be leaving at 1pm from the 2nd floor
of Carslaw to take the speaker to lunch at the Grandstand.