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Joint Colloquium: Lehrer -- Classical and Quantum Invariant Theory

Speaker: Prof.  Gus Lehrer Title: Classical and Quantum Invariant Theory 

Date: Friday, 16 October 2009 Time: 2:00 pm Venue: Room 4082, Red Centre, University of
New South Wales 

Lunch/travel arrangements: We will leave Sydney Uni at 12:30 PM (meeting at the city
Road gates) and take Gus for lunch before his talk.  Please contact me beforehand if you plan to join us, so that I can arrange taxi
transportation for everyone.  

Abstract: Classical invariant theory, which has applications in diverse areas, such as
Atiyah-Singer index theory, has been studied in 3 contexts, which are related in various
ways.  Despite its long history, there are still elementary unsolved problems.  I shall
discuss these, and indicate some generalisations to (non-commutative) quantum
invariants.  (Joint work with R Zhang and H.  Zhang).

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