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Special Public Lecture

Chaos, Quantum Mechanics and Number Theory



The Mahler Lectures are a biennial activity organised by the Australian Mathematical Society with the assistance of the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute.

Initiated by a bequest from number theorist Kurt Mahler, it brings a renowned mathematician to Australia to give a lecture tour (including public lectures) of Australian universities.

This year’s Mahler lecturer is Peter Sarnak, Eugene Higgins Professor of Mathematics at Princeton University and Professor at the the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. He is a legendary figure in modern number theory. Peter Sarnak will be in Australia from August 8 till August 27 and will give 13 lectures at 9 different universities in 6 different cities.


Thursday, Aug. 25, UNSW, Clancy Auditorium, 3.30pm, Public Lecture

Chaos, Quantum Mechanics and Number Theory

The correspondence principle in quantum mechanics is concerned with the relation between a mechanical system and its quantization. When the mechanical system is relatively orderly ("integrable"), then this relation is well understood. However when the system is chaotic much less is understood. The key features already appear and are well illustrated in the simplest systems which we will review. For chaotic systems defined number-theoretically, much more is understood and the basic problems are connected with central questions in number theory.

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