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A New Postgraduate Society ~ School of Mathematics and Statistics

Dear Postgraduate Colleagues, 

Following my conversations with many of you, this email aims at collecting expressions
of interest in developing our own Postgraduate Society, within the School of Mathematics
and Statistics.  

This is your time to make a difference and help improve our postgraduate experience! 

As we all know, postgraduate study can be really stressful, so it is our duty to help
each other to get through in the best way.  The Postgraduate Society will provide us
with tools to improve our community, in very simple but meaningful ways: 

- appoint students with specific roles, serving as points of contact for information
regarding teaching, research, funding, emotional distress, etc.; 

- organise social events and opportunities to meet our peers: BBQ, trivia night, pub,

- continue running the school’s postgraduate seminar -- MaPSS; 

- set up a web-page with up to date news about events, meetings, conferences, talks,
announcements and any other important information; 

This is a substantial project which can make the difference for the life of many, but it
needs as much help as possible! If you like this idea and are ready to provide even the
smallest help, please click on the link below and learn more about what the Society has
to offer to you and what you can do to help us. 

It does not matter if you are in your first year or last year, every small contribution
is needed.  Even an expression of interest in having this society, without commitment to
any major role is important! It is fundamental for everyone to understand that this
project will NOT go through unless enough expressions of interest are collected.  

This is our time to be better! 

Cheers, MaPSS Organisers 


MaPSS web: 

Contacts: Alex Casella 

Adrianne Jenner 

Dominic Tate