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First Meeting of Postgraduate Society

Dear Postgraduate Colleagues,
Thank you very much to those who expressed their interest
and support for starting a Postgraduate Society and took the time to fill in the EOI.

Following the many replies we have gathered, it is our pleasure to announce that the
project will go ahead and the first Postgraduate Society of the School of Maths and
Stats is in the process of being created. 

This project will reap significant benefits
but it does require a small amount of effort from each of us.  Directly or indirectly,
it is expected that every student contributes however they can, for the good of
ourselves and our community. 

The first meeting of the Postgraduate Society will be held
on Wednesday 24/01 at 13:05 in Carslaw 535A.  This meeting is open to everyone, whether
you want to be directly involved (e.g.  by taking a major role) or simply hear more
about the project.  This is your first concrete chance to contribute to the future of
our Postgraduate community. 

The agenda of the meeting includes:
1) A brief introduction -- what is the society about and why should we have one?
2) Ideas, questions and open discussion. 
3) Assignment of Roles Refreshments will be provided.  

MaPSS Organisers