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CalTitle1: MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series
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MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Alexander Majchrowski (Sydney University) -- Mean curvature flow with surgeries and the level set flow

Dear All, 

We are delighted to present the MaPSS Seminar topic of Monday 13/03; please see the
abstract below.  

**This Semester the Seminar will always run on Monday, at 5:00pm in 535A** 

Following the talk, there will be pizza on offer.  

Speaker: Alexander Majchrowski (Sydney University) 

Title: Mean curvature flow with surgeries and the level set flow 

Abstract: An intuitive talk on mean curvature flow with surgeries, developed by Huisken
and Sinestrari.  And the techniques used to show that this flow converges to the well
known weak solution of level-set flow studied by Evans and Spruck.  This talk is based
on the work of John Head.  

Supervisors, please encourage your students to attend.  

MaPSS Organizers

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