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MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Ishraq Uddin (Sydney University) -- Cell crowding effects and tissue growth models: an incomplete survey

Dear All, 

We are delighted to present the MaPSS Seminar topic of Monday 16/10; please see the
abstract below.  

**This Semester the Seminar will always run on Monday, at 5:00pm in 535A** 

Following the talk, there will be pizza on offer.  

Speaker: Ishraq Uddin (Sydney University) 

Title: Cell crowding effects and tissue growth models: an incomplete survey 

Abstract: This talk presents a brief survey of PDE models for the growth of tissues and
cell populations influenced by cell crowding effects.  We first discuss how such models
may be obtained from agent-based and stochastic models of cell behaviour within limited
space by taking an appropriate continuum limit.  We also discuss multiphase models,
which provide a purely continuous framework for modelling cell behaviour and also open
doors to free boundary problems.  We motivate our models with reference to specific
biological systems including bacterial chemotaxis, neural crest cell colonisation, and
atherosclerotic plaque formation.  Along the way, we also discuss how the nonlinearities
appearing in the diffusion and advection terms for specific models may be interpreted
biologically, as well as the difficulties in defining where the boundary is for a cell
population or tissue.  

Supervisors, please encourage your students to attend.  


MaPSS Organizers

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