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Calendar1: 27 Aug 2020 1400-1515
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CalTitle1: Constructions with vector bundles
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Student Algebra Seminar: Ciappara -- Constructions with vector bundles

I will give the Seminar’s second talk for Semester 2 tomorrow afternoon on Zoom.  Please
find the details below.  Anyone who would like to attend the talk or join the mailing
list is asked to e-mail  

Title: Constructions with vector bundles 

Abstract: We continue in parallel to Hatcher’s first chapter.  After recapping the key
notions from the first talk, we will look briefly at the more general notion of fibre
bundles, and common ways they arise from vector bundles.  We will then talk about the
process of pulling a vector bundle back along a continuous map, which is important for
the problem of classifying vector bundles over a fixed base space.  Finally, we will see
how clutching functions can be used to construct vector bundles on spheres.  

Time and date: 2 pm, Thursday 27 August

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