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Calendar1: 25 May 2021 1100-1200
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Student Algebra Seminar: Ciappara -- Introduction to Kazhdan--Lusztig theory

I will give the Seminar’s tenth talk for Semester 1 tomorrow morning on Zoom.  Please
find the details below.  Anyone who would like to attend the talk or join the mailing
list is warmly invited to e-mail  

Abstract: This talk will introduce the basics of Kazhdan--Lusztig theory in the setting
of sheaves on the flag variety G/B of a reductive group G.  In the first section, we
will discuss equivariant sheaves and the equivariant derived category in a general
framework.  We then specialise the context to G/B, whose geometric properties we
describe, before defining the Hecke algebra H and the convolution bifunctor.  Our final
objective is to state and understand the importance of the categorification theorem
linking H to B-equivariant sheaves on G/B.  

Time and date: 11 am Tuesday 25 May.